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This isn't just any dead tree, it's something that has been calling to me for a very long time.

You see, I've been driving past this dead tree for about 5 years now.  I pass it a couple of times a day and every time I do I think to myself  "I really want to take a photo of that tree."  Honestly, I've really wanted to take a picture of it with one large bird hanging off the very tip of one of the branches, because in my mind that was going to be the perfect shot.  I can't tell you how many times I HAVE seen a big bird, usually a Crow, once a Kookaburra, and on one occasion a whole flock of black birds were keeping watch in what would have made a fantastic image. But as usual, I just drove by.

I'd been to Bribie to visit my Mum today and on the way home I noticed the soft light on the branches as the sun was just about set.  I had my camera in the car and thought to myself if I don't turn around now and go back to take a picture today I most likely never will!  I u-turned, stopped the car and finally stepped out to take 'a photo of the dead tree'. I took a few actually! And even though I didn't get the large bird sitting on the tip of a branch, what I did get was even better - well, I like the magpie in flight that popped in just as I hit the shutter.


Sometimes it's important to just take the time, in our otherwise busy and hectic life, to do something for the soul.  Something that is important to you. Something that you've always wanted to do or try and never allowed the luxury of stepping out or simply stopping, to do what is important.


I now have my photo of a dead tree. Not just any tree, but this important part of my every day life.  Even though it's always there when I drive past, and has been for as long as I remember, it won't always be.

Moments aren't forever. Life as we know it can change in the blink of an eye. Stopping to take a photo means this memory is now forever. Reminding me of the time I stopped, for what was important, to me. 


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This Is Me If you've ever wondered what it's like to have your portrait taken ... it's actually a lot of fun!!

And to prove it, I decided to do what every photographer puts off ... taking photos of yourself!

When a planned shoot got cancelled due to the recent rain (and how wonderful has THAT been), rather than retreating to the Office to catch up on, well, .. everything that always needs catching up on,...I decided to set up the studio and have a play!

So Hello!

If you want to know who'll be greeting you when you decide to have your portrait taken, this is me!


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Model Material

Can't tell you how enjoyable it was to shoot this talented young man!  Philip needed a grand total of two (yes ... 2!) images for his portfolio submission - one colour and one black and white. We managed to get quite a few more which means Philip will have plenty of images to select from over the following 12 months. But selecting those final 'two' - was a little tricky.  This is just a small sample of the many, many, faces. I'd say his future looks pretty good!!  

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Impending Parenthood Eighteen months ago I met this beautiful couple and just 'loved' their connection. We'd never met before the shoot so I'm sure we were both a bit nervous initially - but that didn't last long.

We'd become Facebook friends after that shoot and I enjoyed watching them set up home in a new State and then to discovering they were to become parents!

When I received a call last year to say they were popping back to Toowoomba and would I mind taking pictures of them and their new 'tummy', I jumped at the chance! It was a cool winter morning, but their smiles and that 'connection' would warm any day ...


I felt so honoured to have this opportunity - and so excited to see them and to share in the excitement that they both had about their soon-to-be family!

Capturing the milestones in life is one of the true blessings of being someone with a camera.

I'm really looking forward to the next time ... and to meeting their gorgeous little girl.  

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Spring Is Coming One of the benefits of planning for a photoshoot, is discovering exactly what's 'happening' in the parks and gardens around Toowoomba.

I spend a lot of time travelling around town to see what is happening seasonally to find the 'best' place to capture those special memories.

And the benefits of doing this 'scouting' (as I call it), is discovering the seasonal changes and the 'small' things that give me so many wonderful opportunities when I've got my trusty camera in tow.

I love the Japanese Gardens, but at the moment it's not quite there from a foliage point of view. According to the gardener there, the blossoms will be in full bloom in about three weeks time. This doesn't work for me this time round, but it certainly has some lovely elements starting to show and should be a stunning place to visit around Carnival Of Flowers! 


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The Use Of Imagination I love going through the images following a shoot - selecting the 'keepers' and discarding the 'not so good'. Actually, I never completely delete the 'not so good' as you never know what gems you might find amongst them upon further review.


Which brings me to the following image.

This wasn't on my keeper list originally, but there was something about this image that 'spoke to me' - something about the elements of water crashing, the Nike mark on the runners, the hand on the head - it captured something that spoke to me about those years as a teenager, where we sometimes feel so alone in this big crazy world as we embark on that road to adulthood.


It doesn't reflect the moment at all (we were having a lot of fun!) - but I think it demonstrates the power of an image, to capture something completely different when we use our imagination.


It's become one of my favourites from this shoot.  


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Tessa Manns Valedictory Shoot It was such a hot day in the lead up to the Downlands Valedictory, but that didn't stop this wonderful family from stepping out into the heat to capture some memories ahead of Tessa's big evening.  

The men of the family are often a bit 'reserved' when it comes to photos, ... but these boys nailed it! 

And the four legged family members made sure they were part of the memories.

Such a lovely family and so much fun capturing these images - thank you so much for inviting me along! And I'm sure you'd agree - Tessa looked stunning!  

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Obsessed With Simple Things Have you ever felt an addiction to something?? That burning desire to forsake everything else in pursuit of whatever it is that consumes you completely?? That has been me, over the past week - with my camera!

I have a 90mm macro lens that quite honestly, is the most expensive lens I own - not because it cost the most, but because it rarely gets used!  Much like  all those lipsticks I've purchased over the years that I've never worn - I have a very expensive lipstick collection too!

The first 'play' I had with my 90mm was earlier in the week when I sat for ages, photographing a tiny lavender bud .. over, and over and over again. I had a vision in mind, and the mission was completed when a tiny ray of light from the afternoon sun popped by to shine just the right amount of light. I was happy!

Lavender - 90mm macro

The following morning, I made an unfortunate discovery in the 'garden that once was' that sits outside our front door.  We're a 'laundry entrance' family so the only reason I opened the front door was to check and see if my new camera had arrived and been left of the porch. It hadn't. But this flower popped up in the corner of my eye - and what made it an unfortunate discovery was for the pure fact that I could now think of nothing else other than "how can I capture this?" Another 90mm opportunity had arisen and it was my obligation to give it my best shot! The obsession / addiction continued. 


Lily 90mm macro

What I have discovered when trying to use a macro lens and very delicate subjects (petals) outside, is that no matter how steady your hand is, the slightest breeze creates an incredible amount of movement. I honestly can't remember if this shot above was taken before, or after I decided to cut the stem and relocate somewhere 'less breezy'.  Problem with cutting off a delicate flower like this is, you haven't got long before it starts to show signs of dying and I didn't want to pop it in a vase of water and have a 'leaning' flower. So improvising, I grabbed the spotty brown banana from the fruit bowl and stuck the stem smack bang in the centre of it and headed to the back porch.  The banana worked perfectly, as did the location, but I was desperately wanting that same 'sun kissed' effect that I'd achieved with the lavender the previous day.  With the breeze building up even more, I reached for the dusty torch that sits at the back door to create some sun.  The results were enough to keep me happy and I could now get on with my day - trying hard to keep my eyes focussed on the tasks at hand, and not the wonderful 'possibilities' for more testing of my 90mm lens! There have been more tests, of course, ... but that story can wait for another day. :)  Lily 2 90mm macro Lily 3 90mm macro

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Entering the world according to 'blog' ... With a teenager practicing piano in the background, I am finding it all a little difficult to focus on the words necessary for this my first ever 'blog'. After all, it should be a momentous occasion filled with wit, humour and snippets of my reasons for taking my photography life into this world, this foreign world, this world according to 'blog'.

Suffice to say I should probably leave this until the piano rumblings have ceased, however, as a mother I am hoping they continue for some time yet as that means son number 2 will have at least done some practice ahead of his lesson tomorrow!

I would like to say however, thank-you! If you find yourself reading this and most likely wondering why - I get that! - but it does mean I've successfully typed and posted and found at least one reader! If you've never read a blog before then congratulations on being part of this "first" although I am thinking commiserations is probably more appropriate. :) 

Piano is getting louder. The practice continues - hooray! 

To complete this exercise I will now add an image that I have recently revisited from the Fairholme Pre Formal I photographed earlier this year.

Happy Monday!

And again, .. thank you for being part of my venture into this world according to "blog".

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